Southwest PBIS Activities

PBIS Expectations:
Always Prepared
Very Respectful
Intentionally Safe
Determined & Responsible

Southwest Elementary supports good student behavior by focusing on a positive school climate with expectations through a framework called PBIS, which stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. At Southwest students are taught our key behavioral expectations and those and reinforced throughout the school year through the use of Coyote Cards and reviewed through daily pack time each morning in the gym. 

Southwest Elementary School also incorporates a bully prevention initiative called STOP, WALK and TALK. 

Lessons are provided in the classroom in which students are taught to do the following steps when someone is disrespectful.

1. Ask them to STOP
2. WALK away
3. TALK to an adult

This Years Celebrations

August  Kickoff & Water Day
 September Park Day
 October Fall Festival
 November Teacher Swap Day
 December Movie Day
 January Game Day
 February Mini Golf
 March Movie Madness
 April STEM Day
 May Fun Day